Therese Guidolin

Therese is a dynamic and committed individual, wearing many hats. She’s actively engaged in several civic and community activities.
Among her various roles, Therese is Coordinator of the Youth EmpowHer program at the Centre for Education and Training in Peel Region.

EmpowHer is an initiative in the Region of Peel for young women ages 15 to 30 years old. This program aims to increase female youth leadership via civic engagement by introducing women to various service and volunteer opportunities. Therese is the Chair of Pavilion Culture at Carabram, an annual multicultural festival that brings together cultures across Brampton through food, entertainment and education.

She’s also a Youth Mentor to many young people. Therese is also a successful business owner. She strongly believes that creating impactful and positive change should be our joint responsibility and that civic engagement creates better cities, safer communities and provides an outlet of positivity.