Sophia Brown Ramsay

Sophia began her career in the criminal justice system working with young offenders and women, and is currently the Executive Director at the Black Community Action Network of Peel (BCAN). Sophia works to advance an equity agenda to address gaps in services for marginalized people, by building connections between ethnocultural communities, non-profit agencies, governments, and other stakeholders.

For the last 19 years, Sophia has been at the forefront of community-led efforts to promote equity for African Canadians and other racialized groups. This has included leading the launch of a transformative, multi-sectoral system change initiative in Peel region to address racial disproportionalities in the child welfare system, and serving as Chair of the Ontario Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committee (REAC), which advises the Ontario Deputy Commissioner and the Commissioner of Correctional Services of Canada on issues affecting ethnocultural offenders

Sophia has been recognized for her community work with the Role Model Black Canadian Award (2014), the JunCtian Excellence in Diversity and Community Impact Award (2014), the Legacy Award, Vision and Leadership in Community (2015), the J.S. Woodworth Award for Human Rights and Equity (2017) and the Fierce & Fabulous Community In Action Award (2019).

Sophia is an award-winning public speaker, and soon-to-be author, with the launch of her new book #SistaFriend Hustle planned for 2019. She is the consulting principle of SBR Inspires where she engages in facilitation, workshops and public talks that remind women and youth of the power of their voice, and the uniqueness that they bring to the world. At her core, Sophia helps young people, women and families understand the importance of protecting their possibilities.