Born and raised in the GTA, Matthew Mohamed grew up as an extremely hard working student with a “go-getter” mentality. After graduating from law school and having a short stint with a few law firms, Matthew decided to invest in himself and set up his own law firm for property and contract law, known as MSM Legal.

Within a few years, MSM Legal had become an emerging force in the law sector in the GTA based on Matthew’s successful track record, and being able to brand and market the business successfully.

In addition to law, Mathew soon realized he not only had a desire but the mindset to be able to dive into the music industry as a business manager and investor. Hence, MSM legal also enabled him to earn a living while devoting a great deal of his time on focusing on the music industry as well as learning about entertainment law. Today he works with multiple rising artists in the industry from S4G4 to Smiley and rubs elbows frequently with industry executives and A and rs. Thus, Matthew is a prime example of how one can use the side hustle to maximize on funding and reinvesting it into your dreams.