Courtney "Uno" Allen

Manager, Ridgeway Entertainment Group

Courtney "Uno" Allen has been a part of the Canadian music industry for over two decades. An avid urban culture consumer, sneaker aficionado and well-dressed Talent Scout, Courtney's love of pop culture, music and the entertainment industry allows his ears to be as flexible as they come when seeking new talent.

When not maintaining his world music artist with 23ohsix and attending weekly seminars and conferences to sharpen his skills and network with fellow entrepreneurs, you are likely to catch him in the studio producing, creating and penning music ideas and creative concepts for himself and his team.

Courtney Allen has over 15 years of experience working in the entertainment industry as a manager. Beginning his career as a Marketing and Promotional agent for clubs, DJ’s and special events, Courtney quickly developed a taste for the entertainment industry.

As the Music Manager for multiple clubs, he logged thousands of hours of booking everything from independent artists to DJ’s to actors. That quickly developed into using his experience in the corporate world to structure his entertainment service company, Ridgeway Entertainment Group/23ohsix. While producing, managing and running marketing campaigns for acolourful roster of artists including Rich Kidd, Smash Brothas, Junia T, Nanna Goodie and Sonreal, among others. Courtney used his ties to the community to support outreach programs acting assong writing and recording liaison for artists in Toronto, helping to build the infrastructure for today’s Canadian artists.