Bushra Junaid

Outreach and Development Manager | Chef de la liaison et du développement

Bushra Junaid (she/her) is Outreach and Development Manager at the Ontario Arts Council and manages the Skills and Career Development: Indigenous Arts Professionals and Arts Professionals of Colour and Deaf and Disability Arts programs.

Bushra has spent more than a decade supporting the development and artistic practices of artists from a diverse range of communities and cultures. Born in Montreal to Jamaican and Nigerian parents and raised in St. John’s, Bushra is also an artist and curator. As an artist, she explores identity and belonging through collage, drawing and painting and recently exhibited in They Forgot That We Were Seeds (2020, Carleton University Art Gallery), Like Sugar (2019, Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery), Future Possible: Art of Newfoundland & Labrador to 1949 (2018, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery) and Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art (2017-2018, Royal Ontario Museum, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia), among others. Bushra curated What Carries Us: Newfoundland and Labrador in the Black Atlantic (2020, The Rooms) and co-curated New-Found-Lands: An Art Project Exploring Historical and Contemporary Connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean Diaspora (2016, Eastern Edge Gallery). Bushra has a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and Masters of Architecture (Technical University of Nova Scotia).